Weekly Outfit Inspiration


I Spent most of my evening browsing the Vogue España website. There are so many street style albums to see so I chose some of my favorite looks. Most of them are great outfits for summer which is perfect for me because I always need summer outfit ideas. I have some photos from my trip to San Diego as well that I will be sharing on the next post. Hope your all having a nice start to your week!

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Weekly Outfit Inspiration

Who What Wear
Teen Vogue
Fashion Files
Who What Wear
Lisa Says Gah

So as you can see there are a lot of prints and patterns in today’s outfits and that is because I recently reorganized my closet and realized I actually have a lot of prints in my wardrobe. It inspired me to put together these more colorful looks today in hopes that I will get some new ideas on how to wear some of my favorite pieces. I’m really excited about this week because I’m going to San Diego! It’s going to be a lot more cooler over there so I’m excited about that. I just hope it’s not too cold because we do want to go to the beach. I will try my best to take photos of all my outfits and the things I do!

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July Wish List


Topshop – $50.00
Zara – $29.99
Mango – $39.99
Zara – $19.99
Mango – $79.99
ZARA – $19.99

I did a little online shopping today, well more like browsing because I haven’t bought anything yet. But, I though I would share some of the items I really loved! Some are out of my price rang, but I still had to mention.  I do a lot of research when I buy things that are more on the expensive side. I know that I can always return it but I rather get it right the first time! So I still have some more browsing to do, but here’s what I have been eyeing. Hope your all having a nice Friday night!

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Black Skinny Jeans and Florals

_MG_3517 (2)_MG_3397 (2)_MG_3423 (2)_MG_3401 (2)

Top: H&M • Pants: DDs Discounts • Shoes: H&M • Purse: Ross • Jewlery: JCP

I wore this outfit over the weekend and it had been such a long time since I had worn skinny jeans. I have been wearing a lot of dress pants or loose high wasted pants, mainly because my job does not allow me to wear denim. On the weekends I typically wear denim, but because I have bought a lot of jeans the last few months I have not been wearing my skinny jeans as often. I felt this top looked the most flattering with a tight pair of pants rather than loose ones. I was really excited about this top because it was so cute and was only $6! I bought it on Saturday and wore it the very next day on Sunday!

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Weekly Outfit Inspiration

Amy Vagabond
Shot From the Street
Emily Tong
Brittany Bathgate
The Girl from Panama

I have discovered a couple new bloggers this week so I’m very excited to share some of their outfits today. You will see a lot of minimal looks and off whites, per usual. There is also a little denim in today’s post as I have been uninspired recently on how to wear my jeans. I will probably be doing  some more denim searching in the next couple days as well. I have bought so many in the last couple months and feel like I don’t wear them enough. Well, I hope you all are having a great Monday!

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Flowers and Green Shorts

_MG_3462 (2)_MG_3279 (2)_MG_3498 (2)_MG_3293 (2)

Top: Charlotte Russe • Shorts: H&M • Shoes: H&M • Purse: Ross

Wearing another new top today, this one from Charlotte Russe. I don’t typically shop at this store because the last few times I did the clothes was of very bad quality and ripped right away. I went here with my sister and ended up buying this top and a pair of sandals because they were having a huge sale. So far they are both in good condition. I have worn the sandals once only and the top twice and washed it already. I’m glad I got it because I was able to wear it with these shorts that I had in my closet for a  long time without wearing. Well, I’m going to finish getting ready for work now. Hope you have a great Friday!

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White Puffy Sleeves

_MG_3573 (2)

_MG_3450 (2)

_MG_3473 (2)

_MG_3489 (2)

Top: H&M • Pants: H&M • Shoes: Steve Madden • Purse: Ross

In today’s post I’m wearing one of my new favorite tops. Initially I got it because I loved the color and decided I really wanted it because of the beautiful fabric texture and puffy sleeves. I don’t own any thing similar to this so I am really happy to own it; especially right now that I am wearing a lot of white. The fabric is sheer so I did have to wear a tank top underneath in order to wear it to work. And, because it’s sheer it’s comfortable to wear with this weather!

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Weekly Inspiration Post



This week I decided to do more than just outfits. I just saw so many things on Pinterest that I liked and wanted to share them. I am feeling very excited about things that are coming up soon. I am going on a small vacation to San Diego again next month, more than just a weekend this time so I am excited. I also have a trip planned to Puebla, Mexico in September I’m excited about. And lastly, my family and I are gonna be moving in a couple months!

I have always loved moving homes growing up because it meant I got to redecorate or remodel my room. I am excited to get rid of things which I’m starting to do now, to avoid extra work later.

So anyway, all this just has me very excited so I decided to share a little more today. These are cool photos I found to be inspiring or just interesting to look at. From Outfits to nails, food and flowers. Hope you all enjoy! All photos can be found on my Pinterest here.

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7 Ways to Wear Denim for Summer

I have always loved to wear denim year around. There is so many options for all seasons, especially for summer. During summer you can wear jeans, denim shorts, skirts and denim jackets if it’s not too hot. I decided to gather a couple outfit ideas because sometimes I get stuck or run out of ideas. Hope you all enjoy this post!

Crop Top



This is definitely the most common way I get away with wearing denim during  the summer especially when I wear them with jeans. It’s a look I love and at the same time balances out the outfit from looking too out of season.

Pops of color

Fashion Bananas

Another great way to make any outfit perfect for summer is by adding bright colored accessory. One of my favorite ways to do this is by wearing a bright colored shoe or sometimes a bag.

Denim Shorts

Unconscious Style
We Wore What

Denim shorts are such a staple for summer! They are like jeans because they can be worn with almost anything. I purchase a new pair probably every summer because they are also very inexpensive. I think this is the most typical way to wear denim for summer.

Light colors

EJ Style

I have been wearing this trend a lot this season, especially during spring and summer. I love an all white look or a bright and fresh look which is perfect for summer to stay cool.


Harper and Harley
Walk in Wonderland

I have always had doubt about pulling of such a simple outfit and still look chic. I really love these looks though, sometimes less is more. When I am feeling stuck I go for something simple and then maybe add a statement shoe or accessory.

Prints & Patterns

The Girl from Panama
Song of Style

For a long time I didn’t wear a lot of prints or patterns because I felt they were very girls. In the last few years I have started wearing them more regularly. Right now I really love wearing them during summer because they add such a lively look.

Denim Skirt

Who What Wear

Denim skirts made a bit of a come back these last two years. I have seen them around a lot more again. I remember loving them when I was younger and they watching them go out of style for a couple years. I have one I bought last year and typically wear it as a casual outfit similar to the second photo.

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Work Look + New shoes!

_MG_3224 (2)_MG_3349 (2)_MG_3180 (2)

Top: Forever 21 • Blazer: H&M • Pants: H&M • Shoes: Steve Madden • Purse: Tommy Hilfiger

Sharing a usual work outfit today and also my new pair of shoes! I bought these over the weekend and got a super deal on them, only $20! I usually don’t wear such a thin heel so I was a little hesitant to buy them, but I really loved the style and the price was great. I wore them the same day I bought them which was on Sunday and I have to admit I felt a little like I was walking on stilts, but I think it was just because it had been a long time since I wore that kind of heel. I typically wear a low heel or if it’s high it’s a thick heel. These are not high, they are actually a very comfortable length. When I wore them to  work I felt much better and safe walking in them.  Granted, I don’t walk much at work but I do walk back and forth a little around the office and I felt very comfortable.

So, I’m really excited to wear these now especially because they are black and will likely match the majority of my outfits. They are simple enough to wear to work but also easy to dress up for a night out. Hope you are all having a great week!

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